Southwest Wellness Group

  • San Antonio, TX, USA

Southwest Wellness Group is a seasoned group of  businesses comprised of professionals dedicated to serving our customers with the utmost care, empathy, and excellence. We believe in long-term Health and Wellness for everyone we serve including our team members.

We are paving the way to become the career path of choice for Chiropractors by offering full-time employment, competitive compensation packages, great flexible hours, along with plenty of other exceptional perks that are amongst the best in the industry.

Whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned vet in the Chiropractic Care Industry, treating clients should be your # 1 priority. Unfortunately, administrative work can often bog you down and make it hard to treat the number of people you’d like to help. At Southwest Wellness Group, we’ve created a solution for that. We have streamlined processes and provide the administrative support you need to continue focusing on what you’re trained to do, help people feel better and stay healthy.

At Southwest Wellness Group, we believe in taking as much care of our employees and communities as we do our clients. We maintain a very friendly, open and collaborative work environment for all to learn and grow together.

Southwest Wellness group puts the communities we serve first, by improving the health and well being of those we care for, benefiting the overall vitality of the neighborhoods we operate in. We also firmly believe in giving back to the local communities that we serve as a core Company principle.

We strive to create a World-Class Company Culture by reinforcing key fundamental “Customer First” principles every day.

We Strive For Excellence: Anyone can be good. We’re looking for great. We strive for excellence in everything that we do. In order to reach our goals of becoming the premier provider of Chiropractic Care, we seek out the best Doctors, and support teams available and focus on excellent service every day.

We Value Diversity: We believe that each individual comes with a unique set of talents and experiences that help enrich our strong rich diverse Company Culture.

We Value Integrity and Respect: We accept nothing less than the highest ethical standards in all that we do every day. This is ingrained in every facet of the operation from how we treat our clients and staff to the commitment we make to our communities.

We Foster an Environment for Open Communication and Positivity:

  • Open and honest communication is at the core of everything we do. Whether it’s with Clients, Directors, Vendors, Doctors or Colleagues, we believe open communication is the key to success.
  • Health is our primary goal at our clinics, and we know the health benefits of being in a positive environment. We do our very best to create and maintain that for our staff and clients.

We Build Strong Relationships Within our Community: We are nothing without our clients and communities. We cherish the opportunity to serve and bring continued and improved health to everyone we touch. Developing and maintaining long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships is what we seek to achieve.We build partnerships with our communities, and local businesses to ensure that we’re all improving the greater health of the neighborhoods we serve.

We are in Constant Pursuit of Continued Development: We value education and personal development and believe that learning is a lifelong experience. We offer consistent and ongoing opportunities for professional development and we encourage personal growth at all stages in your career with Southwest Wellness Group.

Be the Best Doctor You Can Be:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just treat patients like you have been trained to do, and not have to deal with the headaches of running your own practice including payroll, dealing with insurance, billing and paperwork?

What if you could just focus on helping clients get the relief they so desperately need and keep them healthy with ongoing preventative care without worrying about the administrative work?

If you’re not interested in handling the marketing, accounting, and administrative tasks of running a business, we urge you to consider joining our team as we do all that for you (and more).

At Southwest Wellness Group, you’re provided with all of the tools for success including immediate clients to get you up and running on Day 1.

If you’re in a practice now that’s slow or isn’t the right atmosphere for you, come work with us!

Are you looking to see more patients and supplement work? We offer flexible hours. Build your book of clients right within our office!