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BodyWorks Chiropractic

Woodland Park, CO, USA

BodyWorks Chiropractic was established in 2004, in Vernon, NJ.  In 2010, BodyWorks Chiropractic moved its location to Potsdam, NY.  In 2017, BodyWorks established its current location in Woodland Park, CO.  In each location, BodyWorks was able to quickly establish itself as the "expert practice" in town and was able to become profitable within just a few short months.  BodyWorks converted to a cash only practice in 2017 in our Woodland Park, Colorado practice.  Dr. Stephane Roy has created his own unique method of practice that combines the best of hands on adjusting techniques with manual therapy, passive stretching, dry needling, and some physical therapy modalities.  What sets him apart is not necessarily the tools he uses, but his knowledge of the biomechanics of the body that lead to his application of these tools.  BodyWorks is not a high volume practice by choice.  We spend more time with each patient than the average chiropractor, but we are able to charge more per visit.  We believe this is a win-win situation for both the doctor and patient.  Patients get better quicker, they truly feel cared for, they have complete trust, and they naturally refer their friends and family so that marketing is never a necessity.  Many our patients even choose to convert to maintenance on their own, without having to be "sold" and others convert upon gentle recommendation making it low pressure, low paper work, and low stress for the doctor.  Dr. Roy has made the decision to focus his career goals on teaching his technique and practice model to other practitioners in the near future.  He is looking for someone who wants to seize the incredible opportunity to be the first to learn his method of practice and subsequently take buy his newly established practice in Woodland Park, CO.