At Adkore, we care for and about our patients, providing an excellent array of services and tailored treatment—in a comfortable, soothing environment located Sanford, FL. Confident about our programs and impressed with our success, doctors commonly refer patients to Adkore.

At Adkore, our goal is simple, yet unique: to make a patients road to recovery as fulfilling as your recovery itself.

We’re a different kind of outpatient rehabilitation center.  We’re Adkore:

  • Comprehensive, effective rehab services
  • Caring, experienced, accessible staff
  • Relaxing, spa-like environment


Our Mission

Offering comprehensive services is just one Adkore advantage. Adkore Centers not only provide more care, but more caring.  We distinguish ourselves by offering better rehab in a nurturing environment and a level of service that’s clearly above and beyond the norm. Patient-driven health care, ethics, and honesty should be the standard.  We take pride in setting that standard.