Thrive Family Chiropractic

Hello everyone! Are you or someone you know looking to take over a wellness-based chiropractic practice in the capitol of beautiful Arkansas? I LOVE my practice and my practice members but we are looking to move closer to family.

Brief general overview: 
Currently see practice members 18 hours/week M-Th
All cash practice.
70% of member visits are on wellness plans
Low overhead, low stress.
70+ 5 STAR reviews on Facebook and Google
We've doubled our practice income in the past 6 months
1 massage therapist, 2 yoga instructors, and are about to bring in a health coach to work out of the office (all independent contractors)
Feel free to email me with more information or pass on the info to you know anyone wanting to step into a growing practice. I'd also be happy to stay on to assure a smooth transition. Thank you!