Mountain Movement Center

Mountain Movement Center in Greenville, SC is looking for immediate injury relief and associate doctor position.

Doctor was hurt in a mountain bike accident with a 1.5 month wait list for new patients currently.

We are looking for a next level Chiropractor who is excellent at adjusting, but is also interested and passionate about Functional Movement, MRT, FAKTR/Graston, & Rock or kinesio taping etc.   We treat numerous athletes in our practice who find these adjuncts of soft tissue therapy useful.

You DO NOT have to be certified in these yet, but some skillset is needed and a passion for this style of care is a must. 

The Chiropractic techniques we deliver are Diversified, Thompson, Webster, Flexion distraction, activator, percussion/hyperice, cranial/sacral, and upper cervical.

Our center was opened 2 years ago in Greenville and has exploded with the very active community here. Previously Dr. Day owned a practice in Long Beach, CA, where he served at pro surfing and volleyball events and treated elite golfers, triathletes, and surfers.

We work with local crossfits, run groups, active families, trainers, gyms and athletes of all types in Greenville, SC

Dr. Day has created a system of marketing, communication and treatment that has proven successful and wants to train the next generation in his approach.  You will learn how to treat holistically right alongside a veteran of 10 years, while learning how to market yourself in the new healthcare economy.

Our proprietary "Day Method" involves a movement analysis, dynamic moving table used for fascia release and a proprietary way to reset muscle and analyze the true cause of the issue.

It has proven itself over and over with tough cases of frozen shoulder, plantar fascittis, jaw pain, and chronic back and neck pain.  You will be trained to be adept at providing all types of soft tisseu and joint care to be an expert in your field.

We do not pressure sale, we do not have to do screens every weekend, we don't even have to do scripts.  We have just gotten really good at fixing issues, empowering the patient and then they tell everyone they know.  This a great opportunity to learn how fun Chiropractic can really be! 

Who this is not a fit for:

-High volume doctors.  We spend 15 min with each patient but we charge for it.  We have created a financial system that provides for a very comfortable way of life with very little risk of injury/burnout. 

-Doctors who are not passionate about Myofascial release of some type or integrating other methods other than spinal adjustments.  Not that we see anything wrong with that, it just won't be a fit with us.

Who it would be a great fit for:

Those who like to solve tough cases

Those who are attracted to the work of Tim Brown, Craig Liebenson, Gray Cook but also equally love and respect the work of Dr. Gonstead, Goodheart and Dr. Sid and other Chiropractic greats.

The City:  The city is growing and has become quite a hip place to live.  There are mountains close by, lakes, waterfalls,  hence our name.  The city has exploded with restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops in the past 2 years.  It is a great place to raise a family and have weekend adventures.

Pay:  Pay will be discussed upon our receipt of your resume and initial phone interviews.  But know it is highly competitive for the market, with a base salary and many opportunities for bonuses.