Enfield Chiropractic Clinic is expanding dynamic business that has been established for 29 years. our practitioners are diverse in their interests and have further training in their chosen fields. we have pregnancy and pediatric trained chiropractors, sports chiropractors and we also have sports massage therapists working alongside the chiropractors. 

Our clinic offers various products to aid healing including ergonomic pillows/ cushions/ ice packs/ natural gels/vitamin recommendations, and prescription Orthotics.  We are looking to add other products in our clinic, including Brain Tap, K Laser and Shockwave in near future. 

We have currently 4 Chiropractors and 3 massage therapists and we are continually growing and expanding our team and our business is serving more and more people in a world class chiropractic clinic everyday.

Based in North London - Enfield, a suburb of London, where there is lots of green places as well as the being 20 minute train ride away from Central London.