Eriksen Chiropractic

We are a Gonstead Chiropractic Organization devoted to improving our patient’s lives one adjustment at a time.

After an injury or trauma the type of treatment that you decide to receive is vital to the natural healing process of your body. Unlike prescription pain medication, or physical therapy, chiropractic targets the misalignments of the spine that resulted from the original problem. Your Eriksen chiropractor knows his treatment is the way to allow the soft tissues surrounding the spine to heal in the proper place and to not heal out of place (misaligned), thus changing the biomechanics of the spine and increasing the risk for future complications. This change of biomechanics is all too familiar of a scenario for some people, but yet still today many people would rather hide the problem than fix it.

An Eriksen chiropractor is a doctor who has met all the national and state accreditations and has convinced the Eriksen team that he or she will be a valued member. Eriksen Doctors take strict moral and ethical codes of conduct and promise to undertake continuing education above and beyond the licensing minimum. These added provisions provide Eriksen Chiropractic patients with the quality doctors that they have come to expect and trust for over 47 years.