Wholesome Health Chiropractic

A modern multimodal clinic in Armidale, NSW. 

Wholesome Health Chiropractic is part of The Healthy Movement Hub that works with a bunch of other practitioners to make sure patients obtain just that, Healthy Movement. 

We offer experienced, evidence-based musculoskeletal manual therapy focusing on restoring optimal function and movement of the whole body. 

Not only do our practitioners offer diagnosis, treatment and management of:

• Back Pain • Neck Pain • Muscle + Joint Pain (shoulder, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, ankle & foot)

• Headache and migraines • Sports injuries – prehab + rehab • Pregnancy pre and postnatal

But we also offer Clinical Exercise and Pilates classes specifically tailored to our patient's health and fitness goals, so they can find their inner awesome sooner rather than later.