Complete Care

Complete Care is a multi-disciplinary practice serving patients who have been injured in auto accidents. Complete Care and its family of Practices are characterized by core competencies of cultural, clinical and operational excellence. We strive to meet every patients' individual needs with skillfulness and professionalism. 

Our broad range of services are designed to meet the needs of each patient. In order to do so, we subscribe to four key tenets: Comprehensive, Compassionate, Conscious, Collaborative.

We ensure our patients have access to COMPREHENSIVE methodologies tailored for each case. We believe being COMPASSIONATE allows us to offer our patients the level of care they require. We remain CONSCIOUS of the psychological and physiological states of our patients to make certain there is a clear understanding of the proper course of action. We are COLLABORATIVE in order to create constructive dialog throughout our organization, maintaining positive connections between our associates and our patients.

Whether through overarching clinical operations or through individualized patient wellness, we deliver unparalleled excellence. And, together we are driving toward recovery.

Integrative Physical Medicine: IPM offers chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and comprehensive testing. In each clinic there is an experienced and trained staff eager to help. Our Chiropractic Physicians evaluate, treat, and make appropriate referrals for each patient. We have designated Case Managers who provide support and answer any questions. Our trained doctors and Chiropractic Assistants help each patient with their prescribed therapies and medical equipment. Each administrative staff member provides excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. 

Future Growth: With 29 locations, we serve patients in 9 counties throughout Central Florida. Complete Care is building toward being the national platform for treating the injured in a fully integrated health system, while continuing to maintain our unmatched patient centric pillars of ethics, diligence and clinical expertise. We look forward to continue to serve our patients with the care they deserve.