Mission of Be Health Painless Centre

Be Health Painless Centre is focused on you – the person in pain. You are at the centre of everything we do, from helping you find the right pain specialist to work with at the Centre, to putting together a treatment plan that addresses your needs. 

Our team of experienced doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, Chinese medicine practitioners, sports therapists, stretch therapists, remedial massage therapists and Tu Na therapists are some of the most experienced clinicians working in this area. 

Concept of Be Health Painless Centre

Spine – Stretch – Strength

Spine: The spine is the main axis of the human body. The health of the spine is very important to the health of the whole person. In fact, most of chronic pain symptoms are related to the spine, such as malaligned spine and compressed spinal nerves. Be Health's chiropractic team will complete a detailed assessment followed by explaining the diagnosis and creating a bespoke treatment plan for your spinal condition.


Strengthening: Physiotherapy is important to the treatment of pain. One big source of pain is caused by weak or weakened muscles due to chronic pain and acute injuries. Physiotherapists may use a wide range of treatment techniques, such as manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise therapy to treat local or systemic dysfunction. The aim of the treatment is to strengthen the body's muscular system and to restore and optimise function.


Stretching: Psychological stress can be a major cause of pain. According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, conditions such as fibromyalgia is caused by "liver qi stagnation" as it is believed that "Stagnation causes pain". Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and various manual therapy can help relieve liver stagnation and promote blood circulation; whilst combined with stretching exercise can help relax the myofascia, improve blood circulation, thus relieving pain and decreasing stress levels.

Let's not only relieve pain, but treat pain

Pain is not only a subjective feeling, but also a reflection of an abnormality in the body. Focusing only on short term pain relief does not provide long term relief and will not resolve the underlying problem. At Be Health we believe that treating pain is to find the source of the pain, reduce the pain and help you understand and learn how to prevent it from returning.