Looking for a full-time entry-level Chiropractor. The three pillars we follow are: 

Alignment: promote proper communication from the brain to the body. 

Nutrition: to provide the fuel source for the body to heal and recover. 

Exercise: to provide stability and strength to optimize functionality. 

We are looking for someone who is coachable, and has a skill set that we can utilize with our vision. Communication is a necessity and must be a team player. We are welcoming all techniques, and encourage any assets to improve the quality of care to better benefit our patients. We are a high scale franchise that delivers results and pride ourselves with quality care. We will finance the first practice and offer state of the art equipment to deliver consistent results. Offering to establish a functional office with 6 figure income, plus partnership opportunity to own the practice with zero investment. If interested please call me at (262) 989-3880 or email me at