Chiropractic Health Solutions

Chiropractic Health Centres has been an established organisation for over 19 years. With a brilliant team of chiropractors, osteopaths and sports therapists, we help you on your way to faster healing, and living a healthier and better lifestyle.

Combined, our two clinics attend to over 600 patients per week! Our numbers reflect our philosophy: To enrich health and vitality in our community; to help our patients understand the importance of life-long spinal care.

We aim to provide 5-star assessments, service and results. With the help of our fantastic team, we are able to produce the most efficient and effective methods of treatment and customer care. 

Predominately a wellness practice, we want to help our patients transform their unhealthy habits into wholesome ones. For example, we see many people who have health challenges that often stem from a poor diet and inactivity. It’s our passion to educate and help the community get fit again by helping them understand the importance of a healthy spine, posture, nutrition and exercise. We’d like to change the chronic disease statistic in our society that’s getting worse and worse.