NSW Rural Doctors Network

  • Dubbo NSW, Australia

RDN is a not-for-profit, non-government charitable organisation that provides solutions to support the multidisciplinary rural health workforce. Our vision is for improved health service access for all Australians - no matter where they live.

We seek to support better health and wellbeing for people living in remote, rural, regional, Aboriginal and disadvantaged communities, particularly those in NSW and the ACT. To achieve this vision, we seek to grow and strengthen a capable primary health workforce, support communities with tailored health workforce solutions, support the capacity of health service organisations, contribute to policy and ensure RDN’s continued effectiveness.

We work collaboratively with health professionals, communities, service agencies, industry and both Federal and State governments. We are privileged to act as the Australian Government's designated Rural Workforce Agency for health in NSW; and the NSW fundholder for Rural Health Outreach and associated service programs.