Centro Quiropractico McLellan Heying

  • Lima, Peru

We here at Centro Quiropractico McLellan-Heying are looking to hire a new associate! We currently have 8 Chiropractic clinics in Lima the capital city of Perú. Near your office, there is a company owned house where you can live for free as long as you’re employed with us. There you will have all your basic needs (internet, electricity, cable tv, hot shower, water, etc.) You will only have to pay for personal items and food. Since most of your essentials are taken care of, most of the money you make you can save or live like a king/queen down here. Lima is on the Pacific west coast and is also home to one of the culinary capitals of the world. Winter temperatures are in the 60s and summer in the 80s. Email me at Adam.Heying@gmail.com or via WhatsApp +51 967232246 if you are interested in the position or would like to know more.