The Brooks Clinic

Since 1975, The Brooks Clinic has been the No. 1 auto accident therapy clinic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our board-certified physicians and medical staff specialize in treating injuries involving body parts with large joints and spine-related conditions. We help people in and around the Oklahoma City metro area recover from car accident injuries. Because that is our only focus, all of our effort and desire is put forth to get you better.

What makes The Brooks Clinic different from a hospital or general practitioner? First, we specialize in the treatment of auto accident injuries. Second, we run our entire Oklahoma City accident treatment program ourselves, which means patients don’t have to visit a separate clinic for expensive scans and tests. We’ll work directly with the insurance company and provide information to your attorney if you have one. We handle everything directly, and we pass the results and the savings on to you. When you come to The Brooks Clinic, we’ll treat you like a very favorite family member.