Complete Chiropractic Health

Seeking PA licensed Chiropractor full time in the Harrisburg PA area.

Have you ever thought about having your own clinic but didn’t know how, were too afraid or didn’t have the financial means? If being just an associate seems boring or that there’s something more, keep reading. I am looking for you to work, operate and direct a clinic and be the main doctor calling the shots. I am looking for you to feel like you matter and not just working for someone else. I am looking for you to have skin in the game so after five years you can own the clinic you've busted your tail for. I have opened and placed several doctors in clinics and I'm looking for you to be in one near Harrisburg PA. If you are wondering, yes of course I train the doctors and model their clinics after mine. I have a blueprint to grow the practice of your dreams and mentor you along the way.

This Harrisburg area clinic is already set up for you...building, lease, equipment, digital xray etc. Like walking into a Model Home and just start living. No banks to try and get a loan, no practice purchase negotiations, no leases or attorneys to work with. I have a feeling you want to know more and have questions. Please respond and we'll set up a time to talk. Just might be the conversation that changes your life. If you want to look me up, google Complete Chiropractic Health Cranberry Twp PA. Hope to hear from you soon!