Grant Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

We are looking for a Dr. to come into the practice and treat our existing patients as well as build a practice with in our practice.  We encourage you, and give you large incentives to bring in your own patients and market.

We are looking for a hard working, dedicated individual to become a part of our family.  We need a team player.  Someone that is ready to jump in, and do what it takes to help the patient and the flow of the office.

We offer hourly, plus commission, and benefits.  Our compensation package is very competitive.

We are offering 32-40 hours a week depending on the individual that we hire.

What makes us different is we supply a large support staff.  You will not do all the work.  You have several staff members at all times to help you carry the large load you have.  We have a full physical therapy office as well that helps assist in the increased care and improvement of our patients.

You will be expected to do digital x-rays, notes, report of findings, and direct staff when you are running the floor.  

If this is you please contact us.