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Things to consider

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional, here are 8 key things you should consider before applying for any chiropractic job:

  1. The location of the practice to your home.

If the chiropractic office is more than an hour’s drive, you will be spending a great deal of your time every day commuting. While for some people this works, this may not be a good idea if you need to be in close proximity to your home. For example, if you are a parent or a carer.

  1. What is the pay structure like and is it suitable for you?

As you already know chiropractic salaries are very different from state to state. While some practices have a very clear pay and salary structure, some of the smaller practices may not. It is always best to find out as much information as you can online before applying for a job that may be unsuitable or unsustainable.

  1. What is the Chiropractic philosophy of the clinic and is this a good fit for me?

This is a big one as your personal qualifications, training and philosophy will play an important role in whether you are a good fit for any position.

  1. Is the Principle Chiropractor and the Practice successful?

I can think of little worse than landing your dream chiropractic job to only have it dashed away due to a poorly run or managed practice who are in financial difficulty.

  1. What mentoring, training and CPD support is available?

It is always best to see what training and support packages a practice has. While some practices may pay slightly less, this might be outweighed by the training and support provided.

  1. What is the size and structure of the clinic team?

If you want a more personal relationship with your patients and team, a smaller practice may be better suited to you. It is always a good idea to see how big and how busy the chiropractor practice is.

  1. What does the clinic workflow look like, and what is expected of me in my role?

It is always best to ask for a full job description and specification when you have your interview. This removes any uncertainty from what your position is within the practice.

  1. Do they currently utilize technology in the clinic, and does it have modern facilities?

Where chiropractors used to work strictly with their hands to perform manual adjustments, we more frequently see the use of new technology and advanced instruments which have a high level of accuracy. Depending on your background and philosophy this may be an important factor to consider before taking on a new role.



Create your free job seeker account to get instant job matches or use our advanced search options to find the ideal role for you.