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3 Simple Rewards to Say Thank You to Your Chiropractors & Employees

3 Simple Rewards to Say Thank You to Your Chiropractors & Employees

I know as business owners, our frustrations can be endless.  Payroll, rent, advertising, taxes, customer fulfillment, patient complaints and employee drama just to name a few…but what happens if you have a rockstar employee or associate? What if your associate or front desk staff are really bringing the magic with patient satisfaction? What if the clinic hits the financial goals for the month? What would be some simple, yet thoughtful ways to really say thank you to a kick butt employee?


  1. Lunch with the Boss: nothing says camaraderie like breaking bread with someone. Let them choose the restaurant.  As you are out to lunch, try and keep the conversation to a minimum about work stuff.  Use it as an opportunity to get to know them better, build some good rapport (you might need it later) and it also allows you as the boss to become more human to them.  Depending on finances consider dinner with some drinks. 
  2. Team Shopping Spree: this one is very much dependent on hitting financial goals/numbers. Let’s say you have 3 employees.  The gross goal for the clinic for the month is 30k. Each employee would get 3 hours, $300 to spend at the mall.  Afterwards everyone could get a snack, grab a glass of wine or maybe even dinner to conclude the day.
  3. CEO for the Day: they get to be the boss for the day. Let them choose something like a jeans day or a potluck.  (For added fun for you, let them field the complaints and write the checks..just kidding).


Need some more simple ideas? Keep on reading…

  1. Public Recognition…if a particular employee has been doing something really well don’t be afraid to acknowledge their good work in front of the other team members.
  2. Thank You Meeting: call them into your office to tell them specifically what they are doing well and thank them for their hard work.
  3. Certificate of Achievement: create and hand out a certificate for a specific achievement.
  4. Impromptu Time Off: send a text or an email that says come in late or go home early tomorrow. “Its a beautiful afternoon go enjoy it or “snow day!”…this one will be greatly appreciated and maybe helpful in the future if there is a day when they have to come in early or leave late.
  5. Coffee, donuts, on my!….learn what their favorite breakfast treat is and bring them in one day. It always goes over well when I am on my way and I send everyone a text saying “what do you want from Starbucks?”
  6. Recognition Bulletin Board…hang up achievements, accomplishments, milestones, etc. Gold stars aren’t just reserved for kids.
  7. Indoor Food Truck…when it’s hot out you can walk around the office passing out Klondike bars and lemonade. When it’s cold out make a chili, coffee, hot chocolate cart (or some kind of hot food cart).

Kassandra Schultz D.C.