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Chiropractic Classifieds

Chiropractic Classifieds

Clas*si*fied: to arrange in classes or categories (or more fitting for us here), small advertisements placed in a newspaper and organized in categories. In our case, to arrange and display on a web page to give end users quality offers.

 When looking for a new job on the internet via chiropractic classifieds, sometimes it is very difficult to know the source and to know if it’s a quality opportunity or a scam.  Not only can it be cumbersome looking at websites, it can also be daunting to figure out if a particular job on a classifieds would even be a good fit for you. 

 Using as an example, we will explore how to find the perfect job placement or career move for you.


  1. Website length of existence: the current website you are browsing on, how long has it been around? In our example, Chiro Recruit Limited has been offering chiropractic classifieds for seven years. (I know marriages that don’t last that long.)





 2. Social Proof: how many other industry leaders are backing this particular website? In our case, there are always a minimum of seven! From big trusted brands in the US like the The Joint” to ones featured in the UK and China.



  1. Ease of Navigating The Job Postings: are the chiropractic classifieds listings clearly marked for location, job description, pay rate, etc? As I scroll through all the listings on, it’s easy to determine if its for an associate position (full or part time) , is selling a practice, etc. Check this out:



 It’s easy to see the who is the company hiring, where the position is located, potential salary earnings, when the job was posted (so it’s new and not been up for months or years), a brief description and that it is full time. 

Now compare to:


 The biggest comparison is knowing this positing is in the UK not the US but in both ads its clearly laid out.

 For a final comparison:



  The biggest difference but clearly visible change is that this a practice for sale chiropractic classified advert.


  1. Making Your Life Easier: a website should help to simplify and makes the consumers life easier. In the case of Chiro Recruit, it’s super simple to set up a profile, get alerts when new jobs that fit your criteria are posted and you can unsubscribe to emails at any time.


 The idea here is chiropractic classifieds websites especially when it comes to your career, need to be simple, functional and point you in the direction you want to go. wants the hard part to be figuring out which of the amazing job opportunities or practices for sale you want to choose.