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Chiropractic Clinics & Covid-19

Chiropractic Clinics & Covid-19

As I write this, remember I have no specialty in infectious disease, I do not claim to be an expert on this subject this is merely what I have been doing.  I also realize, what I am able to do in my part of the world may not apply to you (yet).

In having my chiropractic office open, I have followed the guidelines laid out by the local and federal government which was also spelled out again by my state chiropractic board.

Before considering any of what you are about to read, pretty please with sugar on top check with your specific guidelines and procedures.


  1. Spacing Out Patients

Before March 16, 2020,  it was not uncommon to have multiple patients scheduled at the same time slot with patients in the waiting room.  After March 17th, that has all changed.  I only schedule 1 patient per every 15 minutes unless they reside in the same household. 


Why space patients out so much?

  1. This allows more cleaning time
  2. Significantly reduces the amount of patients in the office at any given time


  1. Social Distancing

The easiest way to social distance is to schedule patients farther apart. I do not have a very large office so for me this was imperative. I think in the last month, I have only had no more than 4 people in the office at one time.  That was because a family of three came in, and with me that only makes four. I have a note on the outside door, that says “If you see anyone in the waiting room, please wait outside.” I do not currently have my front desk lady in, this gives me more time.


I also blocked off all the waiting room chairs except for one. I have a little barrier set up to allow 6 feet of room between the front desk and where a patient would stand.  I have a small overflow area where I can put one patient in while I finish up with the other.  This allows well over 6 feet of space to allow the flow of patients through the office.


Yes I did measure the distances.


I wanted all my I’s dotted and T’s crossed so in case I did a call from the health department I would be well prepared.


  1. Disinfected

Based on what I can actually get my hands on, I’ve been trying different cleaning products.  Spraying lysol constantly in a small space is a great way to get a headache.  If the weather cooperates, I keep the front window open just a little to keep airflow. After every patient, I wipe down anything they or I touched.  My adjusting instruments, the table, the front desk, door handles, etc. I always cleaned before but now I imagine what a germaphobe would do and that’s how I clean now.

I also wash my hands between each patient.


I also have hand sanitizer sitting out in the adjusting room and on the front desk (the regular kind and the essential oil version) for easy access if patients feel compelled.


  1. A Mask

Never in a million years would I think I would be wearing a mask while adjusting patients but I do. As soon as they walk thru the door I put it on (as soon as they leave I take it off).  Wearing a mask for a long period of time, can make you lightheaded and a little dizzy. I prefer taking a “mask break” as often as I can.


Last thing, I do monitor myself.  I make sure I don’t have a fever and that I am not showing any other symptoms.

Again, please check with our local laws before taking any of my advice.  In the state of Ohio, chiropractors were deemed essential as long as we followed social distance rules, disinfected properly & kept our offices to under 10 people or less. 


It’s been rewarding being able to help serve our first responders, nurses, etc while they have been putting in the long hours.


Good luck to you all and stay safe!

 Kassandra Schultz DC