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Why You Shouldn’t Set Another Goal in 2019… Until You Read About the Magic Step

Why You Shouldn’t Set Another Goal in 2019… Until You Read About the Magic Step

It’s that time of year again to break out the resolutions to make 2019 the best year ever!   It’s finally going to be the year I lose “X” amount of pounds, pay off debt or take that once in a lifetime trip.  Heck, I like all of those and I would think most people living in the US or the UK would feel similarly. 

Here’s the deal resolutions don’t work, and neither do goals unless you do this one magic step. 

Whats the magic step? Keep on reading…

In my kickboxing businesses my business partner and I decided we needed to make a change.  Our marketing was getting stale and the way we had been operating was not producing the results we desired or the results we thought we should be getting (sound familiar). Fourth quarter we made a major shift in our business approach and it’s been amazing all the information we have been learning from our new business contact.  What does that have to do with this blog?  I was listening to a new podcast by the Gym Launch folks and they inspired this blog…thanks guys.

Ok year, new you…blah blah blah…

Hey I can’t say anything.  I’ve always been a huge goal setter.  Every year I buy a new planner, detail out of life down to every hour/minute of day until I heard this concept. 

Imagine that your attention span is at 100% all the time.  I didn’t say productive because as we know your attention can be filled with trolling through Instagram, watching cat videos on Youtube, etc.  Even when we are bored generally we go in search of something to fill our time or our attention.  

**The question is, if are attention is always at 100% how are we going to add even more to that attention in 2019?**

Let me explain..

As the Owner/Operator

Let’s say you own your chiropractic office and you see patients, do SOAP notes, make sure the utilities are paid, do payroll, have staff meetings, etc…the list goes on and on for an owner/operator.  The question is what can you remove from your plate this year in order to have new goals or priorities?

 Do you need to hire an associate to take some of the patient/SOAP note time off your plate?

 What about hiring a company that automates bill pay and possibly payroll? 

Could your accountant be doing more? What about the front desk lady who has worked for you forever, could she run staff meetings instead of you?

The list could go on but the idea is, if you don’t remove something from your plate how will you have the attention span and/or time to focus on new goals in 2019?

Doing it all yourself is only going to drive you crazy-(er) than you already are, take time away from your family or not allow you to focus on new things that could potentially make your business that much more successful. 

As the Employee

This one could potentially be trickier depending on what kind of boss you have but let’s be hypothetical in saying he/she is a reasonable soul. 
Let’s say you're the first/top associate is there anything you could delegate to the associate under you or to the front desk (without overwhelming them) that would make you or the office more efficient?

 If the practice is busy enough, would it makes sense to ask the boss if they could hire another associate, front desk person, etc?

If the above question is not feasible what about asking for a team meeting?  Periodically we will have a meeting and write down what everyone does and then we evaluate if every task makes sense for the person it’s assigned too. Sometimes you will find that there are tasks that need to be updated or possibly thrown out.

 Think about ways that would simplify how the office runs and what you can do to be helpful or more proactive. 

That's it, the magic step…what things can you remove from your plate right now in order to make you more effective and kick more butt in 2019?

As always if you decide you need an associate or you need a new position please check out for more information. 

  Kassandra Schultz DC