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Hiring the Perfect Associate for your Practice is a Skill

Hiring the Perfect Associate for your Practice is a Skill

We live in an age where information comes to us in small pieces, like 10 second videos, sound bytes, word bytes, tweets, and pictures.  Whether you are into the social media sphere or you still prefer your reading materials printed as opposed to on a tablet, it doesn’t matter.  If you want a great employee, you are going to need a few things in your job description to win over the roving eyes of young chiropractors.

1.    Know Your Practice & Know Your Style

First order of business is writing a job title.  The job title should be in the style and type of person that would fit well within your practice.  Are you snarky, maybe a little crass or sarcastic? Without going overboard, letting the personality of you and your practice through maybe helpful for finding the perfect candidate.  Here are some examples of more fun and spirited job titles: “Software Ninjaneer,” “Chief People Officer” and “Director of First Impressions.”
Maybe you're more like the professor in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off who is infamous for saying, “Buehler” in the most mundane, monotone voice known to mankind. In that case, something along these lines might be better, “Beetroot Pickling Line Cleaner” or “ClientData and Management Information Co-Ordinator.”
See the difference?

2.    Job Summary and Other Points of Interest

Of course, your snappy job title now needs an energetic job summary and all the details you want to include in your job listing. One way to start the summary is by opening with a strong, attention grabbing statement (remember the attention span of your audience).  It has to be clear, concise, and catchy so your future employee will immediately gravitate towards your post.  Tell the candidate why they should come work for you.  What benefits (besides pay) will they get to enjoy by being employed by you? Do you offer anything unique like nap rooms, day care, time off, flexible hours, pet friendly environments, ice cream Mondays, or casual Fridays? It’s the new millennium and the millennials want to know why working for you will be so special.  Also, in the job summary include your exact location.

3.    Responsibilities, Duties…blah blah blah…

Truthfully, the duties or responsibilities of any given job can be endless.  I think some come inherent to the job.  As an example, will the future associate you are hiring for a chiropractic job see patients? Well, duh of course because that is the whole point of hiring them, so be specific when listing the duties or responsibilities. What kind of patients? Are you a family practice? Do you specialize in sports, geriatrics, OB/Peds? Those are the fun facts that you want to include in the job description. Once you get the candidate in your office for a job interview, then you can bore them with all of the nitty gritty details. 
Try to keep your list of qualifications and skills relatively concise.  A good one here to add is if you use a certain adjusting technique.  If your practice is strictly upper cervical, or do you even want an SOT or Activator Doctor to apply? Being upfront with how you want your patients treated is very important.

Kassandra Schultz D.C.