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Millennials - What that Means for Chiropractic Practice Owners

Millennials - What that Means for Chiropractic Practice Owners

I just got off the phone with a doc who is struggling with his entire team of "millennials"

He told me he is challenged because the young woman think different than he does , and that's not how his kids were raised. Because I have hired and focus on this generation he wanted some help and perspective ...

Here's what I told him...

The downfall of this generation is their parents never wanted them to "suffer, or go through what they went through." They are heavily protected from criticism, discomfit and thus stunting their growth. They want to be independent and unique but lack the life experience and soul experience to truly live these traits ... Because when it is challenging they quickly move on , in search of the next best thing, the quickest reward, and least uncomfortable path.

They know connection through phones and social media, and feel stressed when they have to rise beyond this, esp in an office. They buck rules, they defend their right to individuality, and resist the norm. They are a ton of work...

On the flip side, the right person in this generation is the next game changer in chiropractic ..... You don't always know if you have the right people but you invest the time anyway, because I believe one day it will be worth it beyond your office..

We wonder what the generation before us thought of our work ethic and upbringing?

Author: Brandi MacDonald