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How Chiropractors Can Make Money Online

How Chiropractors Can Make Money Online

The blogs of November and December 2020, have had a focus of reflection and brainstorming changes and shifts that need to be made as we navigate a Covid world. The quick shift to moving so many aspects of our lives online has been nothing short of miraculous.  From the grandiose to the mundane, it seemed like our entire flipped upside down overnight and the push to be as remote as possible seemed to happen in an instant. 

However, the nagging question that keeps pestering at me 2:00am is, how can actual in person chiropractic, hands on services be more remote? As far as my brain goes, I have not come up with an answer for that yet.  I don’t see the possibilities of performing adjustments over Zoom anytime in the near future but I did have another thought. 

 Stay with me. Maybe we can come up with some online remedies to help mitigate any restrictions that we may face inside our practices.

 If we can’t do adjustments on zoom, what could be some other things we could do online to stay profitable?

 First off, please tell me you have a website and some kind of online presence.  I would assume we all do, but you know what happens when you assume.  Occasionally, I do run into people who have completely boycotted any kind of online stuff. If you don’t have a website or it needs some major improvements I have a guy for you! He re-did mine and it looks fabulous.

Thru a website and online presence we can then build other streams of income into it. This is the part where we can get creative.

 Let’s say, your office has to be shut down or everyone around is shut down and your patience numbers are declining rapidly, what could be some other ways of still generating income?

Break it down, what do we know? We got ourselves some fancy degrees that encompass all kinds of things like nutrition, supplements, stretches, exercises, etc.  Simple things would be putting a link with some descriptions of supplements that patients could buy from.  I think a great place to start would be supplements for the immune system.

What about putting together a presentation on how to keep yourself healthy while stuck at home? That could be put into one of those teachable platforms, make a little online course with it and sell it.  Or you could invite your patients through Zoom for your presentation and then at the end try and sell them on supplements.

How about a morning exercise routine and an evening stretching routine to help with stress and anxiety?

What are the top five ways to combat stress during a pandemic?

What are the top five ways to stay healthy, which foods to eat, etc for a robust immune system? (Wow I have lots of blog ideas now).

You could create a home program to help combat the effects of terrible posture due sitting in front of the TV all day.

When my mind races at all hours of the night, I’m searching for ways that I can make my business more profitable and have different ways to make money.  I don’t think relying on the doors always being opened is a safe bet right now.  In other ways, how can you contribute to the market place? How can you give your patient’s more value?

Kassandra Schultz DC