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How to Convert More Sales in Less Time

How to Convert More Sales in Less Time

I have done quite a bit of sales training over the years and one of my absolute favorite sales guys is Jordan Belfort. I will be the first to say, JB is a unique individual. If you are easily offended by colorful language then he probably isn’t the guy for you. 

Depending on if you are a movie buff or how much you remember news stories it’s possible JB’s name might ring a bell for a different reason. His story was depicted in the movie “Wolf of Wallstreet” and his character was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie was about the penny stock company he grew illegally into a billion dollar empire until the US Federal Government shut it down and sent him to jail for a couple of years.

What does all of this have to do with selling?  JB is a master of teaching anyone how to sell.  Since his prison stint, he now only uses his skills for good.  I have never seen a selling program that is as simple and easy to follow as his “Straight Line Persuasion System”. 

 I’m going to commandeer a few ideas from JB’s “Straight Line Persuasion System”. After you read this, I highly recommend checking out his program.

 Here we go:

The goal is to take a customer/patient from start to close as fast as possible.  The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.  As the salesperson, you want to keep the person in front of you on the right track.  If the conversation veers from where you want it to go, then you redirect the conversation back to the straight line.

  1. Develop rapport with the customer
  2. Asking specific questions to gather intelligence and the customers needs
  3. Controlling the sale by keeping it on the straight line.


  1. I loved the point he makes about developing rapport with your customer. The rapport should not be talking about golf, sunshine, kittens and rainbows in the beginning it needs to be a meaningful conversation showing that you care about them and their needs. Talking about bike riding in the first, 5 minutes of the conversation will not help them understand how fixing a subluxation will contribute to their overall quality of health or life.


  1. Part of the questions to ask will be done during the history and exam but especially if you are selling a significant amount of chiropractic care upfront you may need to go a step farther with how their lives will become better or worse if they don’t signup to receive treatment from you.


  1. When the patient sitting in front of you, starts talking about random things or getting off topic from the specific questions you asked, then it’s your job to redirect them back to where you were going with the conversation. It’s your job as the salesperson to keep the conversation going in the direction you want it go, and not let them get distracted or get off topic.


It’s sounds simple enough but it takes practice, body language, tonality and possibly even a script to help keep the process moving in a relatively straight line. 


For more information on Jordan Belfort’s “Straight Line Persuasion System” check out

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