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How to figure out your perfect new chiropractic associate

How to figure out your perfect new chiropractic associate

I don’t think any stone has been left unturned this year no matter which city, state or country you live in.  Especially as an employer, the landscape of hiring and how employees work has changed drastically since March.

With the inevitable changes that 2020 has brought to the world, have you considered how your practice needs to pivot? From employees, hiring, work environment, etc, it's a new world out there and chiropractic employers need to be fluid and thinking of innovative ways to keep themselves relevant.

This will be a two-part blog series.  This blog will be a brainstorming session so that in the second part of the series we will have all the components needed to write a great job description.

 First things first, we need to get the wheels turning. If our end game of this two part blog series is to be able to write a great job description (and maybe have some new business ideas) then we need to start with the basics.

 Let’s break it down…

What exactly is a job description or how should you think about a job description before you write one? Whenever we have sat down to write job descriptions, we always ask the question what would the perfect employee ‘look like’ for the job? When I say ‘look like,’ I’m not talking about their physical characteristics. I’m talking about all the qualities this person would possess.  If I am to think about the role I want to fill I break it into a couple sections.

  1. In a perfect world, what qualities and characteristics would the person have?
  2. To make my life easier, the company’s existence and profitability margins higher, together with dynamics of the other employees, what exactly would this person be doing?
  3. If you could find a candidate that had all the qualities you want, they work seamlessly with the other team members and they perform all the tasks of the job what would that person be worth paying? Or what would you have to pay in order to find someone like that?

Let’s go back to #1. This may sound like a pain (and I know you’re busy, blah blah blah) but do you really need to waste more time, energy and money on a bad hire? So back to #1. You need to painstakingly write down every single quality and characteristic you would want the ‘perfect employee’ to have.

Now #2…Down to which way you want the toilet paper on the roll, what exactly would this new chiropractic associate be doing in and for your company? Do they answer the phone, clean, adjust, put patients on electric muscle stem? All people do better when they have clearly defined roles, procedures and know exactly how something should operate.

 So #3…what would be an attractive salary for a person of this caliber to fill this exact role for you?

 The previous section was for you to do as I like to say a “brain dump.” When I do something like this, I get every single possible thing out of my head and onto paper so then the ideas can be refined.

 So now that we have that all written out, go check out the next blog “How to Write a Great Job Description.”

 Kassandra Schultz DC