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How to Get More Chiropractic Patients by Making Paid Changes to Your Chiropractic Website

How to Get More Chiropractic Patients by Making Paid Changes to Your Chiropractic Website

​If you haven't already check out the first blog in this series, "How to Get More Chiropractic Patients by Making a Few Simple & Free Changes to Your Website," I would highly recommend it. Knowing how to boost traffic to your website for free is a nice piggy back to the paid versions. Because more often then naught, you need one to do the other.

Let's say you have done the majority of the free resources for your website, now it's time to cough up a little cold, hard cash and see what a buck (or a pound) can do for you.

1​. Google My Business: My chiropractic office is little and a one woman show, so most of my new patients are generally referrals and word of mouth. A colleague was telling me I must set up a Google My Business account. I'm not kidding, it has been well worth it. The initial set-up is free and then you get to decide how much money you would like to spend on advertising weekly. When I first set mine up, I did a small amount like $50 every two weeks and I asked my top ten favorite patients to write me a Google review. Like magic, my phone started ringing off the proverbial hook! Since then, when I ask new patients who aren't referrals how they heard about me, it's always "you have great reviews on Google!" Depending on how much money you have to spend and how much you work, you can play with the metrics and decide what works best for you and your business.

2​. Online Ads: If you live in the US and are over the age of 30, then you may remember phone books or the yellow pages. I still think they print these, but who has looked at one in the last ten years? Phone books are long gone and have been replaced by online marketing. Even though that's nothing new, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to run ads on Facebook that still reach your target market while being cost effective. I remember for our kickboxing gyms, 8 years ago the cheapest and easiest thing to do was to run ads on FB. All that has changed and if you have the money I do recommend hiring someone to do the ads for you. Ad people are better at copy and pictures plus with running the demographics it can certainly be a full time job. Not to mention if you are also advertising on other platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, etc. A well run online ad campaign either on Google or social media can have massive impact and increase traffic flow to your front door sometimes overnight.

3​. Blogging: I can't even count how many times I have heard business owners say, "I need to blog more." Heck, I can't even count how many times I have said that. With that being said, properly written blogs create free content for your audience, helps build trust and can even improve your SEO. If you find you aren't a wordsmith or you simple do not have the time, there are writers out there qualified to write for you (like me! Yes I know that was a shameless plug).

4​. Guest Blogs: as a continuation of #3 besides hiring a writer to create new content, you can also have a highly qualified, well-known person in your field/industry write a blog for you. Depending on the person I imagine this could be costly but its all about brand names, name recognition and sponsors. A "celebrity" in your field may add a lot of street cred to your own personal brand. For chiropractic my first thought would be someone like Dr. Mercola.

I hope you found these four paid tips helpful for your chiropractic office. I'll leave you with these famous words by Plautus…

You must spend money to make money

Kassandra Schultz DC