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Looking For a Chiropractic Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Looking For a Chiropractic Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The world’s government has implemented some extraordinary measures in an exceptionally short period of time to counter the spread of the coronavirus. Needless to say, it has caught many companies and chiropractic clinics by surprise and disrupted clinics, causing many to close and of course normal hiring practices.

All chiropractic clinics across the world are putting the health and safety of their patients first and this of course means closure in many cases. Routine, non-urgent consultations with patients are generally not taking place, and many are only treating patients on an emergency basis where remote consultations may be preferable.

Many clinics are making appointments for patients in advance for when the pandemic ceases and as such are still hiring associates for the near future.

Chiro Recruit are experiencing high volumes of candidate registrations and traffic and of course a natural decline in job advertisers.

However, many clinics are still advertising and preparing for the near future. It makes sense in many ways to actively interview whilst not seeing patients to ensure the ideal candidate is found and available for when we return to normal.

If you make applications be restrained with follow-up emails. Conversations, paper sifting and decisions that may have taken place quickly in the clinic can take longer if done by video calling or email. There is nothing wrong with a polite inquiry as to the status of your application via email, but allow a longer time for replies and be aware that phone calls to usually manned phone lines may now be redirected.

If you reach the interview stage, it is incredibly likely that there will be a change from normal procedure. In case of a video interview, there are number of things you can and should do to prepare. We recommend searching on the internet “preparing for a video interview”

It is recognized that Chiropractors have a range of transferable skills that could be particularly useful now and, in the weeks, to come for our frontline services.

If you have not already done so, whilst looking for work we encourage you to register interest in helping with the rapid response effort of our frontline services. Doing this does not necessarily mean making a firm commitment. In some parts of the UK and worldwide chiropractors are being actively sought to assist.

Many clinics looking to hire for the near future also visit our Chiropractors Profile page so make sure you register and add a great profile to get found.