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Seven Reasons Chiropractors Should Be Investing in SEO

Seven Reasons Chiropractors Should Be Investing in SEO

Search engine optimization…is it just me or are there really some down sides to owning your own business? I’m not saying SEO’s are bad but to me there are so many more interesting and exciting things to do as a business owner.  But hey, in the age of technology, speed of information and the majority of research and shopping is done online, I guess I better put SEO’s at the top of my to-do list.


If you are a little lack luster about SEO’s like I am, keep reading to find out why they are super important and will help grow your chiropractic office.


  • SEO really works…google alone is processing over 3.5 billion requests everyday!! Thats almost unfathomable. The cold, hard truth is the higher up on Google your website appears the more likely someone is to click on it. Really when was the last time you went to page 20, let alone page 2 of a google search? Um…I’m gonna guess probably never.


  • Cell Phones/Tablets=Bigger Opportunities for Small Business Owners…have you ever been walking down the street or driving around in a new town and decide you would like some coffee, pizza or ice cream? The first thing you do is go on your phone, type in “Coffee shops near me” and google brings up a list of surrounding coffee shops. This is the opportunity for a small business to up their google SEO so their shop appears before Starbucks.


  • Those on top Win…consumers give more credibility to websites listed at the top of the google search. Part of the reason is, your website probably has relevant information or content to the search.  Just like with anything, the more relevant you are the more people want to know you and use your services.


  • Organic Searches…this idea also ties back into “those on top win.” When a consumer does a google search, they generally look past the paid advertisement and click on one of the top websites that google brought up. Organic searches are leading in web traffic at 51% compared to 10% from a paid search, 5% from social and 34% coming from other source (BrightEdge).


  • Better ROI…think about…if most searches now are organic (non-paid) that means more money in the pockets of the small business owner. Organic searches which result in a lead opt-in will also reduce the cost of lead generation which again means a better return on investment.


  • SEO is Measurable…if you like this kind of stuff you can totally geek out over it. There are a bunch of numbers that can be tracked.  Google analytics is a good place to start with trying to sort through all the data. You can see all kinds of cool stuff like learning about your audience, traffic sources and viewed content/ most clicked pages, etc.


  • SEO and Voice Searches…”Siri search for chiropractors in my area”… now with consumers using voice searches at least 50% of the time it’s good to have your website optimized so that it will still pop up at the top of google.


Kassandra Schultz D.C