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The Chiropractic Student Podcast

The Chiropractic Student Podcast

Currently a chiropractic student? Then why not check out this great new resource The Chiropractic Student on Apple Podcasts.

We spoke to the creator Lewis Stephen Sumner who said,

“The chiropractic student podcast was something that my friends and I had sought after for a while throughout university, but no one had ever started something to help students.

We had all learnt a lot externally from chiropractic school, but had to dig for it and talk to a lot of people to get any sort of information out of them. I just found that most chiropractic podcasts are specific to a subject, or about growing your practice, and nothing for students directly. And so, instead of every chiropractor who is getting asked questions by students and giving the same answers every week, I thought why not get them to tell us all their tips, advice and helpful resources, record it, and have them accessible for everyone all the time.”

Check it out at Apple Podcasts The Chiropractic Student on Apple Podcasts.