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United Chiropractic Association (UCA)

United Chiropractic Association (UCA)

There are several chiropractic associations in the UK. First, we will learn the basic principles of each and how they operate. I think it makes sense to have an understanding of the organizations so you know which one makes more sense for you. As someone who has had experience with the US associations only, I find digging into each of these fascinating.

Quick History on the UCA

The United Chiropractic Association was established in 2000. It came out of a need to have an association that was subluxation based (The Palmers would be so proud). The UCA supports and aligns itself with the same principles as the World Federation of Chiropractors. As someone who went to the original Palmer College in Iowa and read some of the original green books from BJ Palmer in philosophy classes, I can’t believe how much the UCA upholds the original theory, thoughts and values of chiropractic.

Philosophical Constructs:

Vitalism: Innate intelligence is what sustains all living things. They go even deeper with innate intelligence is a representation of universal intelligence.

Holism: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (this is one of my favorite lines, I use it all the time in helping patients understand their bodies).

Neural: The nervous system is the major coordinator of the body

Supremacy: The nervous system also regulates all bodily systems

Conservative: The best kind of care is when the body is given all the tools it needs to heal the body naturally.

Ethic: The least invasive care is the way to start

Humanism: Individuals have certain unalienable rights (where have I heard that before?). The moral of the UCA story is, this is a very old school approach to chiropractic. They do not deviate much from the original philosophies laid out by the Palmers and work to continue the integrity of chiropractic philosophy. I know the term subluxation has become the hot topic in our profession, their continued use of the word, does show how tightly knit they are keeping the original values of chiropractic. If the UCA sounds like a good match for you keep reading…we will touch on memberships and what the organization can do for you.

Membership Benefits

As always, if you are fresh out of school, they take pity on you and your membership is free until your first calendar year after graduation.

Even second year grads still get a break on the price.

A full member with the base package runs 395 pounds (yeah I don’t have a pound key)

The full package with legal and malpractice insurance is 922 pounds. This is fascinating, they have different levels of full memberships. You can get packages that include malpractice and legal council. That’s incredible! I pay for my malpractice separately. Memberships to the UCA also include professional advice, patient compliance procedures, x-ray guidelines and a variety of other items included with it. They even have options for overseas members, so I will have to check into that.

Kassandra Schultz D.C