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Your Chiropractic Business and You, 2021

Your Chiropractic Business and You, 2021

Hey, how was trying to run a chiropractic business in 2020? Unless you were the toilet paper companies, it got really rough there for a lot of us.  Especially those businesses which still operated in the four walls of brick and mortar and didn’t necessarily have all the benefits of moving everything online. 

 We might be good, but I don’t know if any of us who are good enough to adjust someone over zoom.  Hey maybe that’s just me.  Fortunately for me, my little chiropractic office was not mandated to shut down in my state (we were deemed essential) however for the months of March, April and May I can say my patient visits were down probably at least 60%.  Not to mention my gyms were completely shut down for almost three months.

 This is not me complaining, I (and others) were actually really surprised when the whole world, including the US did mandatory shut downs.  At least the folks I know, most small businesses took a beating this year.  Politics and opinions aside; I decided for myself, my family and my businesses I needed to do a brainstorming session of how to make my businesses more stable and yet pivotable during these uncertain times. Don’t we all want to make ourselves a little more bullet proof when it comes to change and uncertainty?

 I thought we could ask ourselves some questions, do some planning and vision work as we move thru the final month of 2020.

 Also as we brainstorm, try not and judge any of the ideas that pop into your head or what you write down.  Some ideas might seem outlandish or down right silly but keep plugging away because sometimes one crazy idea leads to another to another which could end up being the game changer.

 Moving into 2021…..

 (These do not have to be done in any specific order, feel free to jump around as the spirit move you).

What would or will your company look like? Are you still in the same office, remote, more or less employees, same services offered? Anything that needs to be freshened up, modified, changed? Do you need to change your prices?

 Were you able to stay viable, relevant and keep up with the changes of 2020? If not, what were some of the biggest failings? What things did you do well with?How long did it take you to pivot, if you needed to pivot?

If you could repeat 2020 again, what would you have done differently in the years and months leading up to the pandemic? What could you have done to be more prepared? Could you use those things to get yourself prepared in the event 2020 keeps on keeping on into 2021?

Do you like any of the changes you had to make because of the pandemic? How could you make those better? Any changes you hate? How could you mitigate some of the changes you haven’t been as fond of?

What would you be willing to change in your business to accommodate Covid restrictions? What would those changes look like?

Do you have the team in place to weather these changes? Does your team need to change?

As you brainstorm through these questions, this may take more than one session.  Our businesses become such a big part of our lives, it’s hard sometimes to really take a good long look at them. If we are to have successful, viable offices that survive these turbulent times the only thing we can do is keep fighting the good fight and figuring out how we can change when we need to change.

 Cheers to 2021, I wish you all much stability, peace of mind & prosperity!

 Kassandra Schultz D.C.